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Andrew Finch

"Mr. TITAN Himself"

Andrew D. Finch, also known as Mr. TITAN Himself, is the founder and CEO of TITANS (Taking Initiative Thriving to Achieve New Success). His vision is to create experiences with others to ignite their passion so in turn they go out and create new experiences for themselves and others.

Andrew has a background in financial services where he educated individuals and families on financial literacy, creating generational wealth, and the importance of business ownership. Though speaking engagements are his focus for reaching the masses, he also has written books on lessons to succeed and poetry, which are in development for publishing.

In addition to being licensed in the financial industry, Andrew is also a certified Fire Walking Instructor (he has walked on fire over 100 times), NESTA certified personal trainer, and Warrior Mind Strength Coach. He is also currently undergoing training to become a Master NLP Practitioner furthering his ability to help people with personal and professional development.

Area's of Focus

Mental Toughness
  • Explain the structure of the mind and how understanding and integrating sexiness to manage emotional states leads to high levels of success

  • Explain and define Authentic Leadership and it’s origin lies in leading oneself first

Emotional Intelligence 
  • Explain the relationship between EQ (emotional intelligence) and Authentic Leadership and Effective Communication

  • Explain the 4 styles communication and how once we understand them, then we can more effectively communicate to achieve our desired result